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Christmas Economics Activities for the End of Term

As we edge closer to the end of term, I've gathered some Economics resources and Econ activities to fill your A-Level lessons with Christmas cheer.


Starting with the classic end-of-term quizzes, you can't beat Tutor2U's offering. Powerpoints from Tutor2U's LiveStreams make it really easy to cobble together an active, varied, question-packed revision lesson on exactly the content you want. Just select the topics you want, then download and combine the bonus powerpoints. There are even some Christmas-themed 'Festive Blasts'. Tutor2U have also made a Kahoot based on the economics news in 2023, which is great for a high-energy, low-prep lesson.


If you want something a bit less energetic, I have a couple of activities that you can print and keep students engaged, giving you a precious few minutes to get on with those pesky end-of-term tasks (reports, anyone?!). The first is the Christmas Mission, which challenges students to solve a range of economics puzzles in order to find the 3 criminals responsible for stealing Santa's Naughty and Nice List. Even more chilled is the Draw-Your-Own Christmas Character activity. These worksheets challenge students to answer questions in order to draw a festive character with specific features. If they get the answers correct, their drawings should all look the same! There are 9 worksheets covering different topics, so you can pick and choose the worksheets to fit your group. These work well if you have students working at different paces (which can be tricky to manage with whole group quizzes) or if you need to set cover. It's also nice to have a break from the frenetic pace of the last week of school!


They aren't festive-themed, but I also have a few group activities you might also find useful: two escape rooms (one on Economics Measures and one on Market Structures), two mysteries (one looking at Elasticity and the other on the WTO) and also an Elasticity colour-by-numbers.


If you are after inspiration for a lesson on the Economics of Christmas, you could take a look at the The 12 Days of Christmas Index. This can be used for quantitative skills practice or to discuss how index numbers are calculated. It's also good for discussing inflation or price determination. You can also check out Adam Ruins Everything on Why Gift Giving Makes no Economic Sense.


Reading-wise I like this article from Jadrian Wooton, which compiles information about the Economics of Christmas Music. I have also previously recommended Economists want you to have the most boring Christmas ever and this one which takes a look at the research around Christmas, the business cycle and gift-giving (just a warning that the article starts with a reference to suicide). Most of my students have less-than-fond memories of A Christmas Carol from GCSE English, so groaned when I mentioned this article from the Economist on "The Economic Sensibilities of a Christmas Carol" , but I thought it was quite interesting. 


Podcast wise, I previously shared the Economics in Ten Christmas Specials (1, 2 and 3). Planet Money also has some great ones. From the legal intricacies in "The Santa Suit" to the competitive world of handbell manufacturing in "Bell Wars", these episodes offer festive insights into economics. Try "We Buy A Lot Of Christmas Trees" for a real-life example of market theory in action, and "In Defense of Gift Giving," which explores the counterarguments behind the common explanations of the economics behind gift exchanges. You might also want to check out about the toymakers' (supply chain) nightmare before Christmas.


In true MRU fashion, Marginal Revolution University offers a fun twist on economic theory with their Christmas resources. Whether it’s a video explaining how to avoid inefficient gift-giving, a quiz on the Economist's Complete Guide to Gift Giving or interactive activities covering supply/demand, and GDP, these resources are well thought-out and simple to use.


I hope that gives you some options as we crawl toward the finish line!As we edge closer to the end of term, I've gathered some Economics resources and Econ activities to fill your A-Level lessons with Christmas cheer.

Lesson materials for an Economics Christmas Lessonn, including red and green pens, scissors and candy canes
Festive Economics Activities


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