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This End-of-Term Economics activity challenges students to answer a range of Economics questions in order to find the 3 criminals responsible for stealing Father Christmas' Naughty and Nice List.


The first is ideal for Year 12/Lower 6th students who study a linear course and are approaching the end of the microeconomics content, although it may work for parallel micro-macro courses if you have been speedy!

Content covered:

  • Opportunity Cost
  • PPFs
  • Demand and Supply Shifts
  • Consumer and Producer
  • SurplusMarket
  • Surplus and Shortage
  • Interrelated Markets
  • PED, YED and XED
  • Public goods
  • Externalities


The second is desgined for Year 13/ Upper 6th students who might need a bit of Year 1 Revision before mocks

Content covered:

  • Macro Measures (inc Types of Unemployment)
  • Index Numbers
  • Circular Flow
  • Macroeconomic Policies
  • PPFs
  • Consumer and Producer Surplus
  • Market Surplus and Shortage
  • Interrelated Markets
  • XED
  • Public goods
  • Externalities


Please note, since both versions have the same solution and some duplicated questions, I would not recommend doing both activities with the same group. For other end-of-term activities, you might want to check out the following:

Christmas Mission - Both Versions

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