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Unintended consequences quick videos

Each video from Reason TV is 3-4 minutes long and tells of an amusing case of unintended consequences


Tyre relocation

Corn fuel subsidies

Widening child health insurance

Vol 2:

Luxury yacht tax

Sparrow culls

Vaccine allocation

Vol 3:

Window tax

Regulations on erotic dancers

Hero pay to grocery workers

Vol 4:

Blended alternative fuel tax credits

Billboard regulations

Equal Pay regulations

Vol 5:

Subsidising rail track production

Wood pellet subsidy scheme

Dead Cobra/Rat/Pig Tail bounty payments

Vol 6:

License plate driving rota regulations

Boat taxes

Payments to airlines to maintain a minimum level of service

Vol 7:

Crash data information provision

Plastic bottle bans

Bachelor tax with rejection exemptions

Vol 8:

Rent rise caps

Tax credits on cars with alternative fuel tanks

Ballot signature requirement

Vol 9:

Max Prices on food Hearth taxes

Vehicle Scrappage

Vol 10:

Streisand Effect

Sesame information regulations

Overtime goals worth double

Vol 11:

Subsidised trees

Daycare fees

Alcohol bans

Vol 12:

Bird nets and venomous caterpillars

Cancer warning information regulations

Carbon reduction credits

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