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Unintended consequences quick videos

Each video from Reason TV is 3-4 minutes long and tells of an amusing case of unintended consequences

Tyre relocation

Corn fuel subsidies

Widening child health insurance

Luxury yacht tax

Sparrow culls

Vaccine allocation

Window tax

Regulations on erotic dancers

Hero pay to grocery workers

Blended alternative fuel tax credits

Billboard regulations

Equal Pay regulations

Subsidising rail track production

Wood pellet subsidy scheme

Dead Cobra/Rat/Pig Tail bounty payments

License plate driving rota regulations

Boat taxes

Payments to airlines to maintain a minimum level of service

Crash data information provision

Plastic bottle bans

Bachelor tax with rejection exemptions

Rent rise caps

Tax credits on cars with alternative fuel tanks

Ballot signature requirement

Max Prices on food Hearth taxes

Vehicle Scrappage

Streisand Effect

Sesame information regulations

Overtime goals worth double

Subsidised trees

Daycare fees

Alcohol bans

Bird nets and venomous caterpillars

Cancer warning information regulations

Carbon reduction credits


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