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MRU Supply and Demand Unit Plan

The MRU unit plan for Supply and Demand is available here (you have to show credentials the first time you sign up for teacher resources, but after that they store your email address so you won't have to for other teacher resources).

You could absolutely use the unit wholesale if you were really short on planning time. There are editable worksheets to accompany lessons, designed so that students can fill them in devices but can also be printed. The unit plans are really clear about what you need to distribute to students and it's pretty fool-proof so you don't have to spend hours getting your head around it. It is designed with google classroom in mind but most of it would work with Teams or other LMSs. In most cases, could be used as cover or catch up because the work is based are based on the MRU videos.

However, I think most A-Level teachers would instead pick and choose bits to add to their existing schemes of work. There's tonnes you might find useful here, particularly:

  • Articles (including this UK based one) on what happens when products are accidentally given very low prices. The articles are toward to bottom of the lesson plans on some days

  • Storyline challenges (my favourites are these ones which require students to think about the impact of Covid). They give percentage accuracy so these can become a bit of a competition.

  • EdPuzzles - handy for cover

  • Interactives - good for whole class recap, but they also allow you to download a JPEG with your score, so could be used for homework.

  • Homework sheet on demand shifts are worth a look - some nice questions!

  • A couple of MCQs at the end of each lesson that I'll be using

  • The end of unit assessment also has nice MQs


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