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Economic Measures Escape Room

I've updated my Economic Measures Escape Room, and you can get it free until Christmas Day! Just click here. After that, it'll be available for £3.75 here. If you have the old version, it should continue to work but I think you might prefer this version!

I've made two major changes. The first is to replace the google forms link with a scannable QR code so that you no longer need to email the link to the students. A url is also included for students to type in.

The second is that I've made the clues slightly easier to navigate by adding in symbols so students know which clues relate to which lock. I will say that whilst the Economics content of this activity is easier than that of the Market Structures Escape Room, this one is still more challenging puzzle-wise, with more clues to piece together.

This activity is ideal for the end of term or as part of a revision day.


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