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Christmas Economics Resources

Some festive classroom favourites for end of term!

The 12 Days of Christmas Index is always a good one. You can use it for some quantitative skills practice or to discuss how index numbers are formed. You can use it to discuss inflation (see charts further down on the homepage) or price determination - tonnes of options.

If you're after some reading, you can try Economists want you to have the most boring Christmas ever or this one which has some nice bits about Christmas and the business cycle, as well as research on who gives the best gifts.

Podcast wise, you need the Economics in Ten Christmas specials. The 2021 episode is here for you to share with students, but if you haven't listened to the 2020 and 2019 specials, I'd recommend giving them a listen too. Other good ones are the toymakers' (supply chain) nightmare before Christmas... and the economics of Christmas trees.

Given that lots of students have exams after Christmas, this year I used these Christmas Mission activities. Essentially, they challenge students to answer a range of Economics questions in order to find the 3 criminals responsible for stealing Santa's Naughty and Nice List.

If you are after a quiz, Tutor2U has a bunch of Festive Quizzes - GCSE, Year 12, Year 13 Economics versions, as well as Festive Trivia quiz for tutor time. Geoff Riley has also made an end-of-the- year Business and Economics news kahoot which my class enjoyed.

There is also an Adam Ruins Everything on Why Gift Giving Makes no Economic Sense

In a pinch, Quizlet live is good for the last 10 minutes of lessons. These need updating but will probably do for now:

Other 'fun' revision activities you might want to check out:


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