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Spring Budget Activities

Here are four activities centred around the Spring Budget. They're pretty straightforward and stand on their own, so they should be well suited for homework or for a bit of cover work.

1. Impact Assessment: Have a look at how the budget's policies might impact different groups within society.

2. Policy Analysis: This one's digs into the rationale behind the policies and considering any potential drawbacks.

3. Quotation Hunt: This task gets students to search the text for quotes to back up their arguments – a useful skill for case studies

4. Comprehension Multiple Choice: This activity doesn't lean heavily on specific economic knowledge, so is suitable even if you're students haven't studied much macro. If you're using Microsoft Teams, you can access a digital version of the multiple choice questions with Microsoft Forms. Just follow the link here and click 'Duplicate'.

The activities are based on three open-access sources:

- The Executive Summary of the official statement. It's a four-page document that's not only a chance to get students comfortable with denser texts but also an opportunity for you to chat through what an Executive Summary is all about. For mobile-friendly access, the link in the activity directs to an HTML version. However, if you're printing, you might prefer to use this link and print pages 6-9 (just a heads-up: the page numbers might not match up perfectly with the printed numbers at the bottom of the page. They'll show as 1-4 in the corner when printed).

Task 1 - Impact Assessment - Spring Budget 2024
Download PDF • 74KB

Task 2 - Policy Analysis - Spring Budget 2024
Download PDF • 73KB

Task 3 - Quotation Hunt - Spring Budget 2024
Download PDF • 65KB

Task 3 - Quotation hunt - suggested answers - Spring Budget 2024
Download PDF • 79KB

Task 4 - Comprehension MCQs - Spring Budget 2024
Download PDF • 72KB

Task 4 - Comprehension MCQs - suggested answers - Spring Budget 2024
Download PDF • 48KB


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