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Retrieval and Recall in Economics

On the agenda for February's EconEdChat were 3 questions:

  1. How can we help students to develop their evaluation?

  2. How can we ensure students have solid, flexible recall of knowledge?

  3. How can we teach elasticities effectively?

This post focusses on the second question (which we ended up covering last!), you can find the first here


Yousuf mentions Carousel where accounts are currently free, basically a recall testing system which uses spaced retrieval. He also references' Kate Jones' book Retrieval Practice, which is useful if you are completely new to the idea of retrieval practice, although you can probably get a decent proportion of the info from these free blogs. If you aren't so new to it, the second book is likely a bit of a better shout, because it has a section on retrieval in Economics by Sarah Jones. I was also excited to read the myths chapter, but again, you can actually get a decent chunk of the info from this blog post .

I've started to write up a load of questions to Carousel, with quizlet sets and also the battleships/blockbusters/connect 4 game boards here, but there are a growing collection from the econ community on carousel.

Jake mentioned diagnostic questions, so if you do come up with any and could load them on there, we can begin to share these.

Econ Ed Chat takes place the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm GMT. All welcome.


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