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Resources for the 'Mini' Budget

Normally I try and give students stuff they can access independently and we just review, but I think this one might need a fair bit of input. I also haven't found a single analysis or summary that was the right length and depth, so here are a few that you might need to mix and match according to your students.

The BBC have their usual 'At a glance' which does what it says on the tin, plus the 'What does it mean ?. Between them they cover the main points of the plan and explains the difference in benefit between different income groups, but don't cover the wider economic impact.

Discover Economics has some nice graphics on their twitter feed, my favourite is this summary.

This review from the Economist does a better job of the wider implications but I think the students would also need to read 'At a glance' alongside it. This Tutor2U blog post collects together lots of highlights from different bits of analysis so that's useful too.

The in-depth analysis from the IMF and Resolution Foundation are great, but they are probably a bit long for the classroom. The Resolution Foundation do have a couple of Key Findings that are worth going over and the IMF have a video explainer, but neither are fantastic summaries of analysis by themselves.

There are a few other articles of interest. This one covers the combined impact fiscal drag and the changes to tax. This one collects responses for and against the budget; it might be useful to look at who each person quoted is. This one covers the responses of environmental groups. This one has some nice links to the Laffer curve.

This budget is pretty difficult to take in isolation because it follows two other fairly hefty market interventions. This video from Ed Conway gives great context to the interest rate rise. This article from the Economist covers the energy package with some great analysis, but this article from the BBC is a less detailed, but more accessible version. This article in the Times compares looks at how fiscal and monetary policy arepulling in different directions.

I have made a few resources (see below). The first task looks at the problems the Growth Plan aims to tackle and compares this with what students feel are the most pressing economic issues faced by the UK. Task B encourages students to analyse individual policies. Task C looks at how the policies affect different groups in society and Task D looks at the impact on various macroeconomic objectives.

Mini Budget 22 Task A
Download PDF • 106KB

Mini Budget 22 Task B
Download PDF • 61KB

Mini Budget 22 Task C
Download PDF • 108KB

Mini Budget 22 Task D
Download PDF • 35KB

Mini Budget 22 - All Activities
Download • 215KB


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