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New - Year 1 Micro A-Level Economics Knowledge Organisers

Year 1 Micro A-Level Economics Knowledge Organisers

Lots of those who used the Year 1 Macro A-Level Economics Knowledge Organisers had asked about Micro versions, so I'm very pleased to let you know that these are now available here. These give the essential details for each topic on a single page. There is also a version of each with gaps for students to fill in in order to test how much they have remembered. I like that these knowledge organisers are really flexible in how you use them. My students end up with 4 ringbinders (for micro and macro each year) so I make sure students have a copy of all knowledge organisers in whichever file they are currently using. This means they can refer to earlier topics without lugging all of their notes or a heavy textbook around. Sometimes we look through it at the start of a unit to get an overview of where we are going, and they are super handy for revision lessons too. I have had students put a3 copies on their bedroom wall before an assessment so they can refer to it while brushing their teeth!

The self-quizzing sheets are good for starters, cover or revision lessons. I have found them particularly useful for students who have a tendency to be a little overconfident in their revision, as they highlight where the gaps are.

I made these based largely on the AQA spec, but they should still be useful for Edexcel AS Economics revision, alongside Eduqas and OCR Economics revision. I have lots planned over the summer; with any luck I'll be able to release the following in the first half term of next academic year:

  • Year 2 Macro Notebook

  • Updated Year 1 Macro Notebook

  • Updates of Year 1 and 2 Micro Notebooks

  • Updated Macro Measures Escape

  • Book Companion to 'Why Can't We Just Print More Money'

If you have been patiently waiting for any of these, pop your email in below and you'll get an email as soon as it is ready.


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