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New Product: Year 1 Macro Notebooks

These work really well alongside videos like the EconPlusDal Year 1 Macro Playlist.

Essentially, these are a pack of 43 note frames for students to fill in so you can be sure they have some form of notes and are taking information in. Here's a preview of the print version:

The great thing about these is that they are very accessible:

-They don't go into too much depth (like EconPlusDal's videos) so all of your learners should be able to give them a go

-They are clearly structured so are great for even your weakest note-takers

-They provide clear accountability for teachers setting independent learning.

I made them with a particular class I had a few years ago in mind: Lots of lazy boys (lovely, but lazy!) who needed short, clear tasks without much wriggle room for excuses!

You would definitely want to teach more content for each topic, but they are great for revision or introductions to subjects. They would work well as:

* Distance Learning - perfect for the current situation

* Ongoing Revision - give Year 2 students the Year 1 Notebooks to complete in their own time throughout the year

*Flipped Learning - as a way to keep track of any pre-lesson prep

*Homework - for students to complete after each lesson

*Cover - distribute at the start of the year ready so that students can work through them whenever you're off. They could recap past topics or look ahead to prep for future topics.

They aren't designed to assess learning or for Stretch and Challenge but would still give your stronger pupils a good basis for revision.

The Year 1 Macro Notebook comes in 3 versions.

1) A Digital Notebook - Students can type in their answers and drag and drop pre-made elements onto a PowerPoint document (can also be used with Google Slides for those using Google Classroom), which can then be printed or submitted back to a teacher electronically if required. The worksheet itself is flattened so students can't accidentally delete questions. This option might be useful if you are distance learning

2) A Printable Notebook - Great for Cover and Homework, and for those without computer access.

3) A Printable Notebook with space for Additional Notes and Questions after each Topic- This might be your preferred choice if you are using for Pre-lesson Prep or Revision.

I'll be making these for other units too which will eventually be a bundle. However, given the current situation, I'm keen to get this one out for teachers to use as soon as possible. The download therefore includes a Discount Code so that if you purchase this product on its own, you will be able to buy the other Notebooks at a lower price when they are published, so you won't miss out on the bundle price.

Finally, the download also includes a link to Google Drive so that if updates are made to the product in the future, you will be able to access the updated version.

I'd love to be able to offer this for free for teachers right now, but since most of my income is from tutoring, this is rather in jeopardy at the moment. However, it is available at £5 off for a week so you have something really clear and easy to explain to get your students started on while we all find the lay of the land!


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