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Fiscal Statement resources

Here are 6 activities based on the Autumn Statement. I reckon students should be able to complete them even if they haven't studied macro yet.

Task A - Looks at key features of the statement as set out in the Executive Summary (pdf version here). I think it's important to get students engaging in long reports or official documents, and executive summaries are a great way to start

Task B - Challenges students to determine the impact of the Statement on different groups in society. I've suggested that students use the BBC's ‘Key Points at-a-glance’ and ‘What the Autumn Statement means for your and the cost of living’ to help, but the Guardian also has a nice piece looking at the impact on people in different circumstances.

Task C - Asks students to pick out and analyse specific policies, again using the BBC's Key Points at-a-glance, but the Telegraph's Autumn 2022 summary would also work for this if you or your students have a subscription

Task D - Looks at a controversial graph presented by the BBC with some misleading details, giving students a chance to practice media literacy and quantitative skills. A full description of the errors can be found in this article by Full Fact

Task E- Asks students to make notes on Fiscal Drag based on this article in the Guardian.

Task F - Requires students to look at some graphs presented by the OBR's research briefing 'Autumn Statement 2022: A Summary', again building in some quantitative skills practice.

I've also put all the tasks together in one document.

FT Schools have suggested this podcast, and Gavin Clarke has written 6 questions to go with it that would make a great homework task.

As well as the sources listed above, you might want to introduce the statement, especially for GCSE of Year 12 students, using this guide from the BBC as to what the Fiscal Statement actually is. You could also look at this summary video from the IFS or share this article from BBC experts on 'Six Things You Need to Know' (which also looks at the effect of fiscal drag). I used this analysis from Aubrey Allegretti in my Y13 lesson on Friday and it took just over an hour but gave us chance to discuss all of the key points.

Autumn statement 2022 Tasks (all)
Download PDF • 249KB

Autumn Statment 22 Task A
Download PDF • 59KB

Autumn statement 2022 task B
Download PDF • 63KB

Autumn statement 2022 Task C
Download PDF • 61KB

Autumn statement 2022 Task D
Download PDF • 110KB

Autumn statement 2022 Task E
Download PDF • 56KB

Autumn statement 2022 task F
Download PDF • 53KB

PS I know these references rely heavily on the BBC and the Guardian, which might not give a response from across the political spectrum, but I was keen to give plenty of options which don't require a subscription.


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