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Extra-curricular activities for Economics students

On the agenda for March's EconEdChat were 3 questions:

  1. What strategies are effective for EAL students?

  2. How can we teach labour markets?

  3. ​What sort of extra-curricular activities would you recommend for Economics students? ​

This post focusses on the third question, you can read the first here and the second here


  • Lots of recommendations for Speakers for Schools

  • Will Haines sometimes interviews ex-students on his podcast Econ&Me, I recommend this one with a student who went on to work at the IFS talking about inequality (that's an Apple link, but you can find it on Spotify and google etc too, this episode is called 'Started from the Bottom'.

  • IEA student conferences are usually free and get some good guests

  • Sarah mentions Success at Schools for careers-related stuff

  • LSE does an interesting public lecture series , which are also available as podcasts

  • You can find York's public lecture series here

  • You can find details of local University Econ departments here

  • There are details of Bristol Economics Seminars here

  • You can request a Bank of England speaker here

  • Details on Dr Stephen Davies who did the Economics of Football talk, can be found here

  • You can see the (very impressive!) alumni network Gavin Clarke has put together here

  • More info on Richard Davies as a guest lecturer here

  • Lots of teachers on the chat recommended revisiting the Bank of England and LSE, with a walking tour around Canary Warf

  • You can find all of those competitions here. For those mentioned specifically, the one with the prize for the most entries is the Dorian Fisher Memorial Prize from the IEA, FCDO Next Gen can be found here, Durham Uni Economics Society one is here and the Financial Times one is here

  • Details of Young Enterprise and Peter Jones' Tycoon Challenge

  • We mentioned Target 2.0 a lot, which is now defunct, but it looks like the IEA ran a similar project this year. The deadline has already been and gone but might be worth keeping an eye on for next year.

  • Fingers-crossed the LIBF Student Investor Challenge will run again next year!

Econ Ed Chat takes place the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm GMT. All welcome.


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