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Elinor Orstrom - Economics in Ten

From the episode description:

Traditionally economics has been a man’s world reflected in the fact that out of 84 Nobel Prize winners in Economics, only 2 (until last week only 1!) have been women. This dominance is starting to be challenged and people are increasingly valuing greater diversity of economic thought and economic thinkers. But who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Economics and why did she keep on saying that 'there is no panacea'? Listen to this second episode of season 2 to learn more about Elinor Ostrom and how she challenged the idea of the ‘tragedy of the commons’. You’ll also discover that in this world of complexity, her methodology has enormous potential in solving practical problems. You'll also learn about a determined woman of great character who would not be "put in her place"!

Listen here


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