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Economics A-Level Taster sessions

Last year, I collected some ideas about Economics taster sessions here. Tomorrow, I have a session with some of Year 10 'academic scholars' to introduce them to Economics, and I wanted to come up with something different because:

  • It's a short session - about 30 mins and I don't want it to feel rushed, as I know the students in this group are quite curious so likely to ask lots of questions!

  • Those who select Econ will do 2x1hr sessions in the summer before Year 12, so I don't want it to be repetitive for them

  • I'm aware that students won't have selected their A-Level options yet, so this might be an opportunity to raise awareness of non-financy/businessy side of the subject to those who might have misconceptions, thus potentially attract students from underrepresented groups

As a result, I've gone with MRU's efficiency vs fairness activity which you can check out here along with the Choose Economics images. My PowerPoint isn't anything special, but I've attached it below

Download PPTX • 35.51MB


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