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Early Assessment

I don't know if I like doing an early assessment in Econ, but at my last two schools it has been compulsory.

I like to test 3 things:

  1. Can they/are they willing to study? (I get them to prepare answers to these questions)

  2. Can they apply knowledge to questions? (I give them a pack of MCQs to practice)

  3. Can they write? (They plan it in advance using this)

Below is what I'd normally give them for #1 and #3, but I've had to take the #2 bit out because it used MCQs I'd bought. However, you could easily knock something together using selected questions from here.

Early Assessment
Download PPTX • 35KB

1 Comment

Sep 21, 2020

Hi, great idea, do you know if there are answers to the MCQs available? Save me a bit of time working through them.

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