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Budget 2021 Activities

I've updated last year's Budget Activities for 2021.

Reading of varying detail

HM Treasury: What you should know

HM Treasury: Executive Summary (pages 6-10)


I've uploaded some activities here

  • The first worksheet looks at the effect of the budget on different groups in society.

  • The Pie Chart activity would make a good starter, students have to match the areas of spending to the sector of the pie chart.

  • The 'Budget Policies' worksheet asks students to looks at specific policies in the budget

  • The 'Because/But/So' task requires students to elaborate on quotes from the Executive Summary. (If you haven't done this before, you'll be surprised at how different student answers can be on this! You can also get students to pick our their own quotes from any of the articles above)

I'll try to update this post with more activities if I come across them!


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