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Autumn Statement Activities

Here are 4 activities on the Autumn Statement. They are reasonably self-explanatory and self-contained so they would work as homework or cover if needed. If I was going to pick one to do in class, I would do the Quotation Hunt activity, which can be done in groups to speed it up if you are short on time.

  • Impact assessment looking at how the policies affect different groups in society

  • Policy analysis looking at how policies are intended to work and any possible disadvantages

  • Quotation hunt challenging students to look for quotations from the text to support their claims (also very good case study practice!)

  • Comprehension multiple choice

Since they don't rely on specific economics knowledge, the latter 2 activities will likely work for all classes, no matter how far through the course they are.

If you are using Microsoft Teams, this link should work so you can make a digital version of the multiple choice questions on Microsoft Forms (you'll need to click 'Duplicate' at the top of the page).

I have based the activities on 3 references, all of which are open-access:

As an aside, if I'm ever printing news articles like those on BBC, I use the PrintFriendly PDF chrome extension to cut down on all of the 'noise' on the page.

There are some nice graphs in the official statement, so if you want more ideas that could be a great place to start.

Autumn Statement 2023 Activities
Download PDF • 197KB

Autumn Statment Teacher Info
Download PDF • 205KB


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