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Market Structures Escape Room

I had really good feedback from my Economic Measures Escape Room, but I wasn't 100% happy with it. However, I've taken all the niggles I had from that first escape game and used them to fine tune this one on Market Structures, which I'm really pleased with. (edit: I've since updated the Economic Measures Escape too!)

This Escape Room is perfect for keeping students engaged at this crazy time of year, whilst revising a good chunk of Year 13 Micro:

-Costs, Profits and Revenues


-Business Objectives

-Market Structures

The first improvement I have made is to make the resource easier to use for teachers to set up. This time, all you have to do is print off a pack for each group and give them a pair of scissors. There's no need to email a link to your class: a QR code is in the pack so students can scan it with their phones and get on with it. (They don't need a fancy app or anything, the camera app automatically scans QR codes on most phones. A direct link is also included because technology...)

It's also easier for teachers in the lesson itself: once you've given out the packs you can sit back and relax (or write reports) for half an hour or so. It's set up so that it could even be used in a cover lesson with an only-half-concentrating non-specialist. This is partly because the solutions are a little less convoluted, which means students should be able to work them out completely independently. If they do get stuck, I've included a set of hints you can give, so you can get back to your report writing without much hassle. This isn't to say it's easier per se, the content is harder both because it's Year 13 content and also because there are some quite tricky questions. It includes all sorts of puzzles, from jigsaws to patterns to calculations, all requiring economics knowledge.

I'd love to know how you get on with it!

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