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New Product: Extension Workbook on Market Revenue

This workbook is designed to help your students make links between their studies of Market Revenue and A-Level Maths. It is just what you need to extend your students, especially those going off for interview, but will also cement understanding for those with a preference for mathematical explanations of concepts. Those with Grade 8/9 GCSE Mathematics will also be able to have a good stab at it, and it is ideal for demonstrating the sort of Mathematics required in Year 1 of an Economics degree to those who may be a little Maths-Phobic.

I recommend printing into A5 booklets; a ready-to-print version is included so that you can print each booklet onto two sheets of A4 and fold them into a booklet. Answers are included on a separate PDF.

The workbook takes students through AR=P and it's relationship with the demand curve and how to derive TR and MR functions. It requires students to fill in the gaps to explain relationships in word, graphical and numerical forms. It gives students a taste of modelling by calculating actual values of curves, rather than just looking at general shapes.

It finishes with two pages of practice questions so students can check they've understood what they have learned.

Click here to get your (virtual) hands on it.

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