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The Pollution Permit Policy Making download challenges students to justify choices in the design of a pollution permits scheme. The resource includes an assignment brief for students, including writing prompts, and  a marking pro-forma. This is a great resource to develop students' evaluation skills.


Download includes 2 PDF documents.


Pollution Permits Policy Making

  • Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to download a zipped folder. The link is valid for 30 days. Please ensure you save your product somewhere safe and that you have the necessary software to download and view the file.

  • This download is licensed to either an individual or a department.

    As an individual, you may carry the resource from school to school but not share with colleagues.

    As a department, you may share with colleagues but not share the resource between schools. Schools within a MAT must purchase separate copies of this resource.

    You may place on a secured VLE for educational purposes, but please don't post it elsewhere on the web, for example on a school website.

    You may not sell any part of this resource.

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