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How do I join the chat?

This is the link to send you straight to the meeting:

If you'd prefer to join manually, the ID is 841 7339 3197 and the Password is AdamSmith

I'll be there from 5:45 on the day.

I don't have Zoom, how do I get it?

Firstly, if you've avoided Zoom up until this point, congratulations: you have successfully avoided 5000 virtual quizzes and awkward chats with distant family. It's a free program which is fairly easy to install on your phone/tablet via your App Store or from the zoom website for your computer. If you are having issues, drop me an email at and I'll try to guide you through it.

Do I need an account?

You shouldn't need a Zoom account to join the chat but they are free to make if you want one.

I have some great ideas/resources/thoughts/questions on these topics. Do I need to contact you in advance if I want to speak?

You can absolutely just rock up and chip in, however if you let me know in advance I can make sure you definitely get a chance to speak, and it will also allay my fears that no one will say anything and I'll be chatting with myself. If you think you'd like to share your screen at some point, it's probably easier to open Zoom from your computer or tablet rather than a phone.

Do I have to have my camera on?

Obviously if you are speaking, it makes it a bit easier if others can see you, but if you want to join in your PJs and keep the camera off, that's fine too!

I can't stay for the whole time/I might be late. Is that ok?

Of course, just join us when you can. I'll do a quick bit of housekeeping at the start, but it's just the standard stuff: remember to keep your mic muted when you're not speaking and use the 'raise hand' function if you'd like to contribute!

If I come along, will I be put on the spot or asked to speak?

Absolutely not. You can join with your camera and mic off and just listen. That said, please do consider chipping in, you never know who your thoughts or questions might help. 

I'm feeding my children/bathing my dog/doing a virtual samba class at that time, can I catch up on it after?

We'll be recording the chat and will publish it here for you to watch later. 

Is it acceptable to bring a glass of wine?

Wine is encouraged. Snacks too.

A relaxed Zoom gathering to discuss 3 questions in A-Level Economics education

Questions TBC


Click here to join (link goes live at 5:45pm on the day), or use the details below:

Meeting ID: 841 7339 3197
Password: AdamSmith

We might have some teachers lined up to kick the discussion of each question off, but all participants are encouraged to share their thoughts or ask questions. Many of us are on small or one-man departments and this is a way to collaborate from the comfort of your own home. PGCE students are also very welcome!


Please note the chat will be recorded and posted on the blog afterwards. You can find videos of previous chats here.

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