I studied Economics at Durham University, then did some extra maths courses and qualified as a Maths teacher. Alongside teaching Maths, I set up an Economics department in a new Sixth Form. I'd taught a bit of GCSE Economics but never A-Level, and was in a department of one, and found it really difficult to find resources.

My aim is therefore to collate and curate resources from around the web in one place. I've also created some resources where I have found gaps in what's out there. It's a big job so bear with me; I'm starting with a topic at a time for now.

My general teaching style is pretty old-school (aka boring). I'm a big believer in modelling and building up concepts in front of students. I think you can go a long way with a clear explanation and a well-thought-through activity which helps students to practise what they need. I'm a bit of a grump and not generally a fan of 'fun' for the sake of it but try to collect this stuff because it has its place now and then. That said, I've tried to collect resources of all types so that you can choose those which best suit you and your students.

If you have some resources you want to share, do get in touch with me at isobel@econosaurus.co.uk or on twitter @econosaurus.